Adult Education
Early Christians Belief and Worship

Instructor:  Fr Nabil

Oct 5 Introduction:  How Christians saw themselves
Oct 12 The Scriptures:  The Tradition of traditions
Oct 19 A Sweep of History:  Creation, Fall and Salvation
Oct 26 Christology:  Who is Jesus Christ
Nov 2 Soteriology:  How are we saved?
Nov 9 Eschatology:  Living in this world and the Scoend Coming
Nov 16 The Church:  The Community and Authority
Nov 30 Worship (Part I): Baptism, Eucharist
Dec 7 Worship (Part II):  Prayer, Feasts and Fasts
Dec 14 Spirituality
Book Study: Bread & Water, Wine & Oil by Archmandrite Meletios Webber

Instructor:  Fr Andrew

Oct 5 Chapter 1:  The Mind, the Heart and Mystery
Oct 12 Chapter 2:  Orthodoxy - A Relationship With God
Oct 19 Chapter 3:  Distraction & Prayer
Oct 26 Chapter 4:  Askesis - Making the Sanctified Effort
Chapter 5:  The Sanctification of Time
Nov 2 Chapter 6:  Sacred Places for Sacred People
Chapter 7:  Icons & the Incarnation
Nov 9 Chapter 8:  Birth & Baptism
Nov 16 Chapter 9:  The Mystery of Chrismation
Chapter 10:  Divine Liturgy & Holy Communion
Nov 30 Chapter 11: The Mystery of Confession & Forgiveness
Chapter 12:  The Mystery of Announting the Sick
Dec 7 Chapter 13:  The Mystery of Marriage
Dec 14 Chapter 14:  The Mystery of Ordination

This is a book study, so please purchase your copy of the book either online or through the St Nicholas Cathedral Bookstore. To create the most effective discussion possible, please read the chapters prescribed for a particular session in advance of the session. Each weekly reading is on average 20 pages, which should make reading the text in advance of the session a very managable task.

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