Adult Education
Fall 2021 Curriculum


Beginning Wednesday, October 6 and continuing through December 8 (skipping the eve of Thanksgiving) we are holding two adult study electives offered in parallel.  Each evening will begin at 6:30PM with evening prayers followed by a dinner.  Then from 7:15 - 8:30 two classes will be held at the Cathedral.

Hot Topics:  Contemporary Moral Issues

This session will be led by Fr. Nabil and will cover timely issues such as medical ethics, abortion, suicide, euthanasia, same sex attraction, marriage and any additional issue you would like to ask about.  This session will be in-person only.

Orthodox faith and practice (a.k.a. orthodoxy 101)

This session will be led by Subdeacon Seraphim with additional facilitation by Fr Andrew.  This curriculum covers the basics or Orthodoxy including the Bible, the Creed, tradition, salvation, sacraments, worship, prayer and spirituality.  This course is intended for both enquirers and for long-term Church members who would like a refresher into the basic teachings of our faith.  This class will be presented live at the Cathedral and will also be accessible via Zoom (the meeting credentials will be provided in our online bulletin).

Date Topic Video Link Outline
10/6 Sources of Doctrine Click Here Click Here
10/13 The Bible Click Here Click Here
10/20 TheSymbol of Faith I Click Here Click Here
10/27 The Symbol of Faith II Click Here Click Here
11/3 The Symbol of Faith III Click Here Click Here
11/10 Worship I (Church Architecture & Sacraments) Click Here Click Here
11/17 Worship II (Cycles of Worship, Church Year & Liturgy) Click Here Click Here
12/1 Spirituality I Click Here Click Here
12/8 Spirituality II Click Here Click Here


Bible Study in Arabic

Deacon Eliya will conduct a class via Zoom beginning October 2021 on Thursday evenings at 7PM..  The focus will be on the miracles of Christ.  He will start with the miracle Jesus performed by turning water into wine and will proceed to review all the miracles recounted in the Gospels.  See our Sunday bulletin for more information.  Zoom links will be sent separately in our online bulletin.

Topic of Discussion 

Bible Readings

مقدمه حول معجزات السيد المسيح

يوحنا 20: 30-31 يوحنا 21: 24-25

تحويل الماء الى خمر

11-1:2 يو

اكثار السمك في الشباك

لو 5: 1-11

تهدئة العاصفة

مت 8: 23- 27

اشباع خمسة آلاف رجل بالاضافة الى النساء والاولاد

مت 14: 13- 21

السير على المياه

 19-21: يو 6

لعن شجرة التين

11: 12-14 مرقس

شفاء عشرة برص

لو 17: 11-19

شفاء مشلول بيت حسدا

يو 5: 1-9

شفاء امراة منحنية

لو 13: 10-13

شفاء خادم قائد المئة

13- 5:8 مت

شفاء حماة بطرس

مت 8: 14-15

شفاء المرضى والمجانين

مرقس 1: 32-34

شفاء المشلول

 لو5: 18-26

شفاء نازفة الدم

مت9: 20-22

شفاء اعميين

مت 9: 27-31

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