Christ and the Men Saints
Christ and the Men Saints

The Saints are witnesses to us that we, too, as saints with a little "s", can be holy and live in Christ. This icon underscores the role of Christ's Church on this Continent by the two North American bishops flanking Christ (St. Innocent, Apostle to America and St. Raphael, the first bishop consecrated in North America). St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers reflects the journey from the old to the new world and St. Saba (Sava), the first Archbishop of Serbia reflects the importance of electing the Church's primate locally for witness on this Continent. The icon also reflects the importance of evangelism (St. Philip the Evangelist), of the role of the bishop and the faith and courage even to die for Christ, (Sts. Ignatius of Antioch and Peter the Aleut), of repentance (Sts. Ephraim the Syrian and Moses the Ethiopian) and of asceticism (St. Herman of Alaska).

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