Orthodox Education

Throughout each year, we present a series of educational talks / discussions both live and via video conference.  Some of the programs are designed to be in person and interactive, while others are in the form of a teaching with questions and answers (and are recorded).  This page archives the completed series of talks that are of the latter type.  Some of the links will take you to presentation slides or topic outlines.  Others will take you to video recordings of the live sessions.  For those programs that are in process, new links will be present a few days after the completion of the session. 

Bereavement Group - January & February 2023

We are hosting an eight-week program intended to help explore grief from an Orthodox Christian perspective, to connect and pray with others, and to experience renewal and hope.  Together we will share memories and learn to live with joy even though we are changed forever.

This is an eight-week program, beginning Wednesday, January 4 and continuing every Wednesday through the final session on Wednesday, February 22. Because of the extended driving distances of the interested participants, this will be a Zoom based curriculum.  You must let Fr. Andrew know (frandrewa@stnicholasla.com) if you would like to participate so he can send you the Zoom link.

We will be following the curriculum as outlined in the new book Memory Eternal: Living with Grief as Orthodox Christians by Sarah Byrne-Martelli, MDiv, DMin.

The flyer can be downloaded by clicking here.

Prior Sessions


Worship:  Liturgy & Sacraments

Session 1: What is Worship (Video)

Session 2:  Overview of the Eucharist (Video)

Session 3:  Byzantine Liturgy Part 1 (Video)

Session 4:  Byzantine Liturgy Part 2 (Video)

 Session 5:  Baptism and Chrismation (Video)

Session 6:  Marriage and Other Sacraments (Video)

Session 7:  The Liturgy of Time (Slides)


The Incarnation of the Son of God

Presentation Slides

Orthodox Faith and Practice (Orthodoxy 101)

Topic Video Link Outline
Sources of Doctrine Click Here Click Here
The Bible Click Here Click Here
TheSymbol of Faith I Click Here Click Here
The Symbol of Faith II Click Here Click Here
The Symbol of Faith III Click Here Click Here
Worship I (Church Architecture & Sacraments) Click Here Click Here
Worship II (Cycles of Worship, Church Year & Liturgy) Click Here Click Here
Spirituality I Click Here Click Here
Spirituality II Click Here Click Here



Topic Video Link Outline
Introduction:  How Christians Saw Themselves Click Here Click Here
The Scriptures:  The Tradition of Traditions Click Here Click Here
A Sweep of History:  Creation, Fall and Salvation Click Here Click Here
Christologty and Soteriology: Who is Jesus Christ?  How are we saved? Click Here Click Here
The Church: The Community and Authority Click Here Click Here
Worship (Part I):  Baptism & Eucharist Click Here Click Here
Worship (Part II): Prayer, Feasts and Fasts Click Here


When You Fast

Lenten Ladder

Spirituality and Eschatology: Living in This World; The Second Coming; Holiness, Saints and Mariology Click Here Click Here


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